Conjugate Cometer in Spanish – Cometer Conjugation 🇪🇸

Verb Type: Regular
Tipo de verbo: Regular

Cometer is a regular Spanish verb ending in “er”, and it translates to “To commit” in English.

Cometer es un verbo español regular que termina en “er”, y se traduce como “To commit” en inglés.

Cometer Conjugación

Tense: Present  / Presente 

 Español English
Yo cometo I commit
Tú cometes You commit
Usted comete You commit
Él / Ella comete He/she commits
Nosotros/as cometemos We commit
Vosotros/as cometéis You (plural, informal) commit
Ellos / Ellas cometen They commit

Tense: Perfect Past / Pretérito Perfeito

 Español English
Yo cometí I committed
Tú cometiste You committed
Usted cometió You committed
Él / Ella cometió He/She committed
Nosotros/as cometimos We committed
Vosotros/as cometisteis You (plural, informal) committed
Ellos / Ellas cometieron They committed

Tense: Imperfect Past / Pretérito Imperfeito

 Español English
Yo cometía I was committing
Tú cometías You were committing
Usted cometía You were committing
Él / Ella cometía He/She was committing
Nosotros/as cometíamos We were committing
Vosotros/as cometíais You (plural, informal) were committing
Ellos / Ellas cometían They were committing

Tense: Future / Futuro

 Español English
Yo cometeré I will commit
Tú cometerás You will commit
Usted cometerá You will commit
Él / Ella cometerá He/She will commit
Nosotros/as cometeremos We will commit
Vosotros/as cometeréis You (plural, informal) will commit
Ellos / Ellas cometerán They will commit

Cometer Participle / Cometer Participio 

Español English
Cometido Committed

Cometer Gerundo 

Español English
Cometiendo Committing

Cometer Conjugation Chart

Sentences using conjugations of Cometer

Español English
Yo cometo errores a veces. I commit mistakes sometimes.
Tú cometiste un delito grave. You committed a serious crime.
Ella cometía errores sin darse cuenta. She committed mistakes without realizing.
Cometeremos este acto en nombre de la justicia. We will commit this act in the name of justice.
Cometéis el mismo error una y otra vez. You (plural, informal) commit the same mistake over and over again.
Cometieron el robo sin dejar rastro. They committed the theft without leaving a trace.
Cometieron un error garrafal. They committed a colossal mistake.
¿Cometeréis el mismo error otra vez? Will you (plural, informal) commit the same mistake again?
Cometían pequeños errores sin consecuencias graves. They committed small mistakes without serious consequences.
Ellos cometen errores al hablar en público. They commit mistakes while speaking in public.