Spanish Conjugations

On this page, we’ve gathered a broad selection of Spanish verbs, meticulously presenting their conjugations in four essential tenses: present, imperfect past, perfect past, and future. This Spanish conjugation chart is devised to assist learners at all levels, from beginners embarking on their first Spanish learning journey to advanced learners aiming to fortify their mastery of the language.

We invite you to delve into these conjugations, broaden your comprehension, and improve your capacity to articulate yourself effectively in Spanish. Our goal is to make this resource as clear and comprehensive as possible to facilitate your language learning journey.

Conjugations in Spanish

Spanish verbs ending in “AR”

Spanish English
Hablar To speak
Estar To be
Dar To give
Andar To walk
Trabajar To work
Jugar To play
Gustar To like
Necesitar To need
Pensar To think
Comenzar To begin
Encontrar To find
Entrar To enter
Llegar To arrive
Recordar To remember
Pasar To pass
Esperar To wait
Llamar To call
Comprar To buy
Lavar To wash
Mirar To look
Preguntar To ask
Llevar To carry
Dejar To leave
Amar To love
Olvidar To forget
Cerrar To close
Guardar To save
Habitar To inhabit
Imaginar To imagine
Juntar To join
Luchar To fight
Cambiar To change
Navegar To navigate
Ocupar To occupy
Intentar To try
Usar To use
Volar To fly
Cuidar To take care of
Abandonar To abandon
Golpear To hit
Gastar To spend
Cenar To have dinner
Llamar To call
Notar To notice
Observar To observe
Tratar To treat
Visitar To visit
Insultar To insult
Pelear To fight
Bailar To dance
Enseñar To teach
Gritar To shout
Ignorar To ignore
Juzgar To judge
Avisar To warn
Buscar To search
Cansar To tire
Prestar To lend
Festejar To celebrate
Grabar To record
Humillar To humiliate
Iluminar To illuminate
Jurar To swear
Lanzar To throw
Negar To deny
Odiar To hate
Pasear To stroll
Quemar To burn
Cambiar To change
Variar To vary
Fotocopiar To photocopy
Aceptar To accept
Bloquear To block
Copiar To copy
Elogiar To praise
Fracasar To fail
Ganar To win
Hospedar To host
Iniciar To initiate
Justificar To justify
Levantar To lift
Nadar To swim
Pintar To paint
Rechazar To reject
Temblar To tremble
Utilizar To use
Valorar To value
Burlar To mock
Calmar To calm
Balancear To balance
Capturar To capture
Encantar To enchant
Facilitar To facilitate
Lamentar To lament
Marcar To mark
Necesitar To need
Admirar To admire
Gritar To shout
Calcular To calculate
Dudar To doubt
Exagerar To exaggerate
Jurar To swear
Localizar To locate
Multiplicar To multiply
Notificar To notify
Cuestionar To question
Reflexionar To reflect
Salvar To save
Sobrepasar To exceed
Vibrar To vibrate
Abordar To board
Beneficiar To benefit
Colisionar To collide
Flexionar To flex
Generar To generate
Heredar To inherit
Insertar To insert
Ayunar To fast
Limitar To limit
Motivar To motivate
Organizar To organize
Pronunciar To pronounce
Sospechar To suspect
Unificar To unify
Valorar To value
Amenazar To threaten
Brillar To shine
Clasificar To classify
Dedicar To dedicate
Elaborar To elaborate
Funcionar To work, function
Identificar To identify
Liderar To lead
Mascar To chew
Orar To pray
Adaptar To adapt
Jugar To play
Felicitar To congratulate
Llorar To cry
Mejorar To improve
Nombrar To name
Oscilar To oscillate
Calificar To grade, qualify
Rezar To pray
Probar To try, taste
Utilizar To use
Abrazar To hug
Besar To kiss
Celebrar To celebrate
Entregar To deliver
Importar To import, matter
Meditar To meditate
Reparar To repair
Vagar To wander
Blasfemar To blaspheme
Descansar To rest
Evitar To avoid
Fantasear To fantasize
Gobernar To govern
Lamentar To lament
Masticar To chew
Felicitar To congratulate
Relajar To relax
Apreciar To appreciate
Brotar To sprout
Congelar To freeze
Degustar To taste, savor
Frustar To frustrate
Acostumbrar To get used to
Lustrar To polish
Manifestar To manifest, demonstrate
Nortear To guide, lead
Preservar To preserve
Representar To represent
Sancionar To sanction
Balancear To balance
Colaborar To collaborate
Desarrollar To develop
Estudiar To study
Fiscalizar To audit, supervise
Honrar To honor
Monitorear To monitor
Procrastinar To procrastinate
Tranquilizar To calm, reassure
Votar To vote
Batallar To battle
Ilustrar To illustrate
Memorizar To memorize
Navegar To navigate, sail
Acordar To agree, remember
Experimentar To experiment, experience
Frequentar To frequent
Llamar To call
Mergulhar To dive (Portuguese verb)
Operar To operate
Transportar To transport
Apoyar To support
Desear To wish, desire
Explotar To exploit, explode
Festejar To celebrate
Reaccionar To react
Aumentar To increase
Colocar To place, put
Gritar To shout

Spanish verbs ending in “ER”

Spanish English
Comer To eat
Beber To drink
Correr To run
Ser To be
Tener To have
Hacer To do
Ver To see
Poder To be able to
Querer To want
Vender To sell
Correr To run
Leer To read
Conocer To know
Aparecer To appear
Deber To owe
Volver To return
Creer To believe
Perder To lose
Romper To break
Responder To answer
Mantener To maintain
Proteger To protect
Encender To ignite
Caer To fall
Merecer To deserve
Temer To fear
Morder To bite
Ofrecer To offer
Pertenecer To belong
Extender To extend
Corresponder To correspond
Vencer To defeat
Obedecer To obey
Abastecer To supply
Cometer To commit
Perder To lose
Suponer To suppose
Promover To promote
Suceder To happen
Mover To move
Resolver To solve

Spanish verbs ending in “IR”

Spanish English
Ir To go
Partir To leave, depart
Decir To say, tell
Oir To hear
Venir To come
Vivir To live
Escribir To write
Abrir To open
Recibir To receive
Sentir To feel
Salir To leave, go out
Conseguir To get, obtain
Construir To build, construct
Dormir To sleep
Pedir To ask for, request
Seguir To follow, continue
Decidir To decide
Existir To exist
Huir To flee, run away
Incluir To include
Subir To go up, rise
Unir To unite, join
Fingir To pretend, feign
Descubrir To discover
Sufrir To suffer
Urgir To urge, be urgent
Desistir To desist, give up
Sugerir To suggest
Dividir To divide
Interrumpir To interrupt
Grunir To grunt
Invadir To invade
Omitir To omit, skip
Transferir To transfer
Destruir To destroy
Repetir To repeat
Traducir To translate
Despedir To dismiss, fire
Elegir To choose, elect
Insistir To insist
Perseguir To pursue, chase
Suplir To supply, replace
Derretir To melt
Persuadir To persuade
Reunir To gather, meet
Sustituir To replace, substitute
Competir To compete
Inscribir To register, enroll
Excluir To exclude
Suprimir To suppress, remove
Asumir To assume
Discutir To argue, discuss
Requerir To require
Impedir To prevent, impede
Medir To measure
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