Conjugate Proteger in Spanish – Proteger Conjugation ­č笭čçŞ

Verb Type: Regular
Tipo de verbo: Regular

Proteger is a regular Spanish verb ending in “er”, and it translates to “To protect” in English.

Proteger es un verbo espa├▒ol regular que termina en “er”, y se traduce como “To protect” en ingl├ęs.

Proteger Conjugaci├│n

Tense: Present  / Presente 

 Español English
Yo protejo I protect
T├║ proteges You protect
Usted protege You protect
Él / Ella protege He/she protects
Nosotros/as protegemos We protect
Vosotros/as proteg├ęis You (plural
Ellos / Ellas protegen They protect

Tense: Perfect Past / Pret├ęrito Perfeito

 Español English
Yo proteg├ş I protected
T├║ protegiste You protected
Usted protegi├│ You protected
Él / Ella protegió He/She protected
Nosotros/as protegimos We protected
Vosotros/as protegisteis You (plural
Ellos / Ellas protegieron They protected

Tense: Imperfect Past / Pret├ęrito Imperfeito

 Español English
Yo proteg├şa I was protecting
T├║ proteg├şas You were protecting
Usted proteg├şa You were protecting
├ël / Ella proteg├şa He/She was protecting
Nosotros/as proteg├şamos We were protecting
Vosotros/as proteg├şais You were protecting
Ellos / Ellas proteg├şan They were protecting

Tense: Future / Futuro

 Español English
Yo proteger├ę I will protect
Tú protegerás You will protect
Usted protegerá You will protect
Él / Ella protegerá He/She will protect
Nosotros/as protegeremos We will protect
Vosotros/as proteger├ęis You will protect
Ellos / Ellas protegerán They will protect

Proteger Participle / Proteger Participio 

Espa├▒ol English
Protegido Protected

Proteger Gerundo 

Espa├▒ol English
Protegiendo Protecting

Proteger Conjugation Chart

Sentences using conjugations of Proteger

Espa├▒ol English
Yo protejo mi casa. I protect my house.
T├║ protegiste a tu hermano. You protected your brother.
Ella proteg├şa a los animales. She was protecting the animals.
Protegeremos nuestro planeta. We will protect our planet.
Te estoy protegiendo. I am protecting you.
Decidieron proteger su privacidad. They decided to protect their privacy.
Estábamos protegiendo a los niños. We were protecting the children.
¿Protegerás a tus amigos? Will you protect your friends?
Ellos protegieron a los indefensos. They protected the defenseless.
Estoy protegiendo mi privacidad. I am protecting my privacy.