Conjugate Cansar in Spanish – Cansar Conjugation 🇪🇸

Verb Type: Regular
Tipo de verbo: Regular

Cansar is a regular Spanish verb ending in “ar”, and it translates to “To tire” in English.

Cansar es un verbo español regular que termina en “ar”, y se traduce como “To tire” en inglés.

Cansar Conjugación

Tense: Present  / Presente 

 Español English
Yo canso I tire
Tú cansas You tire
Usted cansa You tire
Él / Ella cansa He/she tires
Nosotros/as cansamos We tire
Vosotros/as cansáis You (plural, informal) tire
Ellos / Ellas cansan They tire

Tense: Perfect Past / Pretérito Perfeito

 Español English
Yo cansé I tired
Tú cansaste You tired
Usted cansó You tired
Él / Ella cansó He/She tired
Nosotros/as cansamos We tired
Vosotros/as cansasteis You (plural, informal) tired
Ellos / Ellas cansaron They tired

Tense: Imperfect Past / Pretérito Imperfeito

 Español English
Yo cansaba I was getting tired
Tú cansabas You were getting tired
Usted cansaba You were getting tired
Él / Ella cansaba He/She was getting tired
Nosotros/as cansábamos We were getting tired
Vosotros/as cansabais You were getting tired
Ellos / Ellas cansaban They were getting tired

Tense: Future / Futuro

 Español English
Yo cansaré I will get tired
Tú cansarás You will get tired
Usted cansará You will get tired
Él / Ella cansará He/She will get tired
Nosotros/as cansaremos We will get tired
Vosotros/as cansaréis You will get tired
Ellos / Ellas cansarán They will get tired

Cansar Participle / Cansar Participio 

Español English
Cansado Tired

Cansar Gerundo 

Español English
Cansando Tiring

Cansar Conjugation Chart

Sentences using conjugations of Cansar

Español English
Yo canso después de correr. I get tired after running.
Tú te cansas fácilmente. You get tired easily.
Él se cansa de trabajar tanto. He gets tired of working so much.
Nosotros/as nos cansaremos de esperar. We will get tired of waiting.
Vosotros/as os cansáis de discutir. You get tired of arguing.
Ellos / Ellas se cansaron después de bailar. They got tired after dancing.
Si me canso, tomaré un descanso. If I get tired, I will take a break.
¿Por qué te cansas tan rápido? Why do you get tired so quickly?
Espero que no te canses de intentarlo. I hope you don’t get tired of trying.
Correr me cansa mucho. Running tires me a lot.